Why Do People Like Pistol Caliber AR15s So Much?

Why Do People Like Pistol Caliber AR15s So Much? Uncovering Their Unique Advantages

Pistol Caliber AR15s have gained a massive following among shooting enthusiasts in recent years for their unique advantages over traditional gas-operated rifle calibers.  Another common name for them is Pistol Caliber Carbines or PCC for short.  In this article, we'll explore the many reasons why people love AR style PCCs and how they can benefit DIY rifle builders and competitors. Make sure to check out blitzkriegcomponents.com for top-quality AR-15 components and upgrades.  Pistol Caliber Carbines can include a wide variety of firearms from lever actions chambered for pistol calibers to modern guns of other action designs such as HK, CZ, Ruger PC carbine and many more.  And they all have their advantages, but here we are focusing on the AR style PCC specifically. 


1. Compact and Lightweight Design

One of the main draws of AR type PCCs is their compact and lightweight design compared to rifle caliber guns.   Yes, you can make a rifle caliber AR15 very compact and lightweight, but that comes with trade offs that PCCs don't have like reduced velocity of the cartridge, increased flash and blast.  PCCs offer more capability than a typical handgun, with increased ammo performance, greater effective range, reduced noise and flash compared to handguns or rifle caliber ARs, improved options for sights, optics, slings and other accessories. This makes them an excellent choice for home defense, as well as being fun to shoot, and a less expensive option for competitive shooting events. 

2. Affordable and Compatible Ammo

Using pistol caliber ammunition in your AR-15 means cheaper ammo than a rifle and the ability to use the same ammo as your handgun. This compatibility is a huge advantage for those who want to streamline their ammunition supply, making it easier to stock up and stay prepared for any situation.

3. Reduced Recoil and Muzzle Noise

Another notable benefit of PCCs is their reduced recoil level, reduced flash and noise level, particularly when using a 16" carbine barrel. The lower noise levels are especially advantageous in self-defense scenarios when you may be indoors and may not have time to put on hearing protection. PCCs ensure that you won't be left with ringing ears or blinded by flash after firing in close quarters at night.

4. Simplicity and Ease of Maintenance

Blowback-operated PCCs are simpler than gas-operated rifles, featuring fewer parts and eliminating the need for components like rotating bolts, cam pins, gas ports, gas blocks, gas tubes, or pistons. This simplicity not only translates to easy cleaning and maintenance but also lowers the overall cost of the firearm. Additionally, the absence of locking lugs in the barrel enhances the reliability of these weapons.

5. Cost-Effective Choice

Pistol Caliber AR15s are generally more affordable than their rifle caliber counterparts. This cost-effectiveness is particularly appealing for DIY rifle builders and competitors who want to build or customize their firearms without breaking the bank. PCCs offer an excellent balance of performance and value, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

6. Magazine Compatibility and Availability

PCCs typically use widely available and popular magazines, such as those from Glock, Sig, and HK MP5. This compatibility means finding spare magazines is easy, and you can potentially share magazines between your PCC and handgun if they use the same type. Magazine interchangeability simplifies logistics and ensures you'll always have a steady supply on hand.

7. Short and Reliable Performance

One of the standout features of PCCs is their ability to function reliably even with short barrel lengths. The simplicity and reliability of the design ensure that these firearms perform effectively with barrels from 16" down to just a few inches.  While short barreled rifle caliber guns have often had many reliability problems and increase wear than needs to be addressed. This makes PCCs ideal for those seeking a versatile and compact weapon that can be easily transported or concealed for personal protection or other applications.

Pistol Caliber AR15s have become widely popular due to their unique and worthwhile advantages over traditional gas-operated rifle calibers. Back in 2013 before Pistol Caliber ARs were a thing, Blitzkrieg Components saw the potential and coming popularity and recognized their one main flaw that needed to be addressed - the recoil from the heavy bolt was more than it should be.  AR15 PCCs needed an innovative buffer system to address this issue to bring them to their full potential.  That's why Blitzkrieg Components partnered with KynSHOT to create a line of hydraulic buffers made specifically for AR15 PCCs.  These have been a game changer and have been used by all types of PCC shooters from self defense to world class competition.  With these buffers, the AR15 PCC becomes the weapon it was intended to be having all the advantages listed above along with soft recoil impulse and fast shot recovery for lightning fast engagements.  Now the AR PCC can be all you want it to be.  Their compact and lightweight design, affordable ammo, reduced recoil and muzzle noise, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, magazine compatibility, and short yet reliable performance make them an attractive choice for DIY rifle builders and competitors alike. To further enhance your AR PCC experience, be sure to visit blitzkriegcomponents.com for a wide range of high-quality components and upgrades.

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